Where Did All Of Our Business' Money Go This Month?

Small business owners tend to be so preoccupied with their operations that they sometimes forget the financial side of the business. They focus on day-to-day operations only to be surprised with the question, “Where did all our business’ money go this month?” Avoid having to ask this question by knowing these common accounting mistakes in your budget: Complicated Budget You need a budget to ensure that your cash flow, spending, and receivables are right on track.

Don't Get Denied For Your Signature Loan

Access to additional funds is sometimes required when you need to cover emergency costs or pay for unexpected bills. Applying for a signature loan can be an effective way to gain access to the financial resources you need to meet your obligations. Signature loans offer funds that can be used for a variety of purposes, making these loans attractive to many borrowers. If you are hoping to secure a signature loan, here are three tips that you can use to avoid being denied so that you can access the funds you need quickly:

Dealing With Debt? 4 Steps To Help You Get Back On Your Feet

Debt is no laughing matter, especially when you’re drowning in it. Once you fall behind on your monthly payments, it can be difficult to get caught up again. Unfortunately, late payments include higher interest rates and penalty fees, which can make it even harder to make your payments. Pretty soon, you’re caught in the endless cycle of debt. If you can’t get out from under your debt, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

What You Need To Know About Using A Contractor Bond On Your Next Project

As a small business owner, you’re ready to start taking on larger, more comprehensive projects. One requirement you’ll likely have to fulfill in order to bid on some of these potential projects is to purchase a contractor bond. Contractor bonds, also known as a surety bond, requires that the company who issues the bond find another contractor if the original contractor can’t or will not complete the job. It also protects the project owner against contractors who try to renege on the terms of the deal.

Launching A 401(K) Retirement Plan For A Growing Company

After a new business starts to expand and add more employees, it becomes increasingly likely to also offer various fringe benefits. One of the most valuable perks for attracting and retaining employee talent is a 401(k) retirement plan. Small companies that don’t have a retirement specialist on staff may need to utilize the services of a third-party administrator to manage the details of a 401(k) plan. Wages contributed to a 401(k) plan by your employees generally remain tax-deferred until eventually withdrawn.

Making Change When You're Counting Pennies: How A Single Parent Can Turn Their Financial Future Around

If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, consider yourself in good company. Many Americans are bearing the same burden as you, but if you’re a single parent, that weight can be even harder to bear. How in the world are you going to start saving when it’s all you can do now to make ends meet? It is possible, and you can do it. While it won’t be easy, you have to believe in your abilities and pick a time to start.

What to Do If You Can't Afford Your Online Merchant Tax Bill

Finding the money to pay your business taxes each year can be difficult if you’re a small online business without a large amount of cash flow to work with. When you find yourself staring at a number on your tax forms that seems impossible to pay down, here are the steps you should take. Double Check Everything The first thing to do is make sure that all of your numbers are correct.

Dependents And Workers Compensation: What Happens During A Work-Related Death?

Workers compensation is, unfortunately, not just used for the living. There are times when an individual dies while on the job or as a direct result of a work-related injury or illness. When this happens, workers compensation is intended to provide compensation for the employee’s dependents. But in order to handle this properly, the worker’s family need to know who qualifies and for what. Dependents Aren’t Just Children There are many people who may qualify as dependents for a worker.

3 Gift Ideas For Your Coin Collecting Friend

If your friend is really into coin collecting, then you have a good idea about what type of gift to get them for their birthday. However, the world of coins is vast, and for someone who might not too much about coins, it can be intimidating to pick out a gift. So, don’t fret if you are not an expert at coins; this article will help you out. The Traditionalist: A Classic American Coin

Did You Receive Form 1099-K? Don't Panic... Here's What You Do With It

If you have a small business or do freelance work online, you may have started receiving a new and unexpected form at tax time. But, Form 1099-K may look and sound more complex than it is, so here’s a short guide to what to do with it. What is Form 1099-K? Simply put, this is a new informational form that the IRS began requiring in 2012. It’s generally issued by companies that process payments on credit cards or through payment services (such as PayPal).

A Guide To Understanding And Consolidating Payday Advances

If you have had credit or employment issues in the past, obtaining a loan for an unexpected emergency from a bank or traditional lender is not always possible. In that instance, the use of a payday loan is often necessary and is often a good choice for many people. Unfortunately, if you are on a tight budget, paying off your payday loan a few days or even a few weeks later is either challenging or impossible and renewing your loan or even getting additional advances might occur.