Co-Signing On 24-Hour Bail Bonds

Most individuals do not want to accept the idea that one of their loved ones might get arrested one day. Some arrests result in judges not granting bail. However, judges can allow accused individuals to post bail and get released from jail. These temporary releases are ideal because they can allow individuals to take care of important matters in their lives such as keeping their jobs. It can also cause less stress for families.

When a bail amount is granted, it usually comes with specific orders from the court. These stipulations can vary and are often dependent upon the charges each individual faces. Bail amounts are also usually based on the offenses that individuals are accused of. If an individual opts to use a bail bond agency to post bail, they will usually need a co-signer. The following points identify the rights that co-signers have.

Choose Additional Stipulations

There are several stipulations that defendants need to be aware of. The court will impose stipulations regarding what an individual can and cannot do while out on bail. The bail bonds company will usually have the same stipulations as the court. However, they might have additional stipulations about the release such as travel restrictions. Co-signers can also add stipulations to protect themselves. 

Rescind from the Bail Bond Contract

Co-signers have the right to rescind the bail bond contract. They might choose to do so if they find out that the defendant is not complying with the legal stipulations of the bail bond. This might also be an issue if the defendant and the co-signer have a disagreement. If a co-signer rescinds, the accused individual will have to go back to jail. 

Ensure Bail Bond Payment

Most bail bond agencies require upfront payment or collateral. Some agencies are flexible and permit a partial payment. If this is the case, the co-signer will need to ensure that the remaining balance is paid according to the agreement. Otherwise, there is a risk of them losing their collateral or getting sued for the remainder of the bail bond amount. Another consequence is that the accused individual might be returned to jail.

Ensure Court Appearance

When a bail bond is signed, the co-signer is making an agreement to do all that they can to ensure that the accused goes to their court appearances. They may not be able to enforce making the individual go to court. However, their agreement with the bail bonds company means that they will ensure that the individual can be located if they skip court. 

A 24-hour bail bonds agent is a good resource to use to understand more about the significance of being a co-signer. They can address your concerns and advise you of other obligations and rights that a co-signer has.