Where Did All Of Our Business' Money Go This Month?

Small business owners tend to be so preoccupied with their operations that they sometimes forget the financial side of the business. They focus on day-to-day operations only to be surprised with the question, "Where did all our business' money go this month?" Avoid having to ask this question by knowing these common accounting mistakes in your budget:

Complicated Budget

You need a budget to ensure that your cash flow, spending, and receivables are right on track. However, with a complicated budget, you will end up feeling overwhelmed by all the numbers, data, and information that you see. Some business owners deliberately skip having a budget because they feel that it is too complicated for their business. Simplify your budget by including just the basics: sales, earnings, payables, and receivables. From these items, you can compute your gross margin and cash flow to know some basic indicators as to how well your business is doing money-wise.

Ignoring the Budget

However, having a perfect budget, but not using it, is as good as not having one. Some business owners ignore budgeting as some kind of once-in-a-year or "as needed" type of business activity. Ignoring your business' budget will leave you clueless about what to expect about your business. You lose track of the trends, bottlenecks, and expenses that should have been adjusted. If you work closely on your budget, you can easily track if your costs are increasing in a way that your income cannot keep up. You can make some adjustments such as keeping a smaller inventory or decreasing the allowed period for accounts receivables. Remember that your budget can provide you with much more crucial information that needs your attention to keep your business afloat.

Doing it All

Some business owners want to minimize costs and attempt to do all, including accounting, for their business. They may end up losing all their business' money unknowingly. Skimping in bookkeeping costs by not getting QuickBooks help or hiring an accountant may cause you to lose much more than what you save. Consult someone who can help you better gauge your cash flow and avoid being clueless about where your money went. An accountant can do bookkeeping for you so that you can focus on the parts of business operations that you are passionate to do.

Simplify your budget and utilize it for your regular business operations. Get an accountant (or even just QuickBooks help) so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business operations. Do these steps, and you will never wonder again where your business' money have all gone.

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