3 Gift Ideas For Your Coin Collecting Friend

If your friend is really into coin collecting, then you have a good idea about what type of gift to get them for their birthday. However, the world of coins is vast, and for someone who might not too much about coins, it can be intimidating to pick out a gift. So, don't fret if you are not an expert at coins; this article will help you out.

The Traditionalist: A Classic American Coin

If your friend is really into coins but you've never heard them talk about history or foreign coins too much, then your best bet is a classic American coin. They might like something such as a large silver dollar coin. A great example of this is the Morgan Liberty silver dollar. There were produced in abundance and they were used in everyday commerce, and therefore you can find one for a reasonable price.The really early American coins (such as the 18th century Flowing Hair silver dollars) can be super expensive. A really nice Morgan silver dollar should not set you back too much. You should try and get one that is graded in "MS" condition. This means "mint circulated". These coins have not been handled too much and therefore they retain much of their luster.

For The History Buff Collector: Ancient World Coins

If your friend also happens to be a history buff, then you should consider a coin from the ancient world. A popular example would be any coin from the Roman Empire. Your friend will love it because they will get to own and touch a coin that was passed around during the time of Caesar. Don't worry about the condition of these coins too much. They will not be found in un-circulated condition, so just pick one that looks interesting. Many have the faces of the different Emperors on them.

The Whole Wide World: A Coin From Their Ancestors Country

Another cool idea is to get them a coin from their ancestors' country. This is great if they are really into their culture. So, you might get a beautiful shilling or florin coin for a friend with Irish roots (those coins are really interesting and have unique animal designs). The other great thing about these coins is that they are also collectors' items since Ireland, like many countries in Europe, has moved on to using the Euro. You can find similar pre-Euro world coins for sale from countries such as France, Germany, and Italy.